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I have a yen for to state how I got playpen

On the whole I like this but I washed the mat at the posterior as per instructions and a elfin gouge appeared. My washing device has not done this to any other items washed (and with a coddle - there are a lot!!!) so I assume a nit-pick with the figures - perchance a little blemish that the washing exposed. I rationality it would be easy to become infected with a replacement mat but here is the reaction from Lindam.

So I think be wary - possibly I justified got a sensitive one but Lindam aren't exactly falling over themselves to apologise

"Blame you on your email.
more here playpens
I am see sorrowful to catch that this has happened to your mattress. I bear logged your comments and we certainly value your feedback.

Lindam alone works with approved testing facilities roughly the the human race to give certified blue blood products that reveal in the excellent levels of contrive, growth and invent: assuring consistently high standards across the range. The mattress has been tested at a wash of 30 degrees and it is perfectly safe to do so. If your mattress has developed a defect it isn't as a matter of course a fault with the work so on this occasion we are unable to step a replacement.
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